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Tera-mai Reiki Seichem Tera-mai reiki seichem

Seichem is an elemental healing ray like reiki, but it contains all of the elements; most people feel Seichem as a much stronger energy than reiki.All healing comes from a divine source or God in whatever from you wish to perceive that to be. A "healer" is merely a person who channels healing energy primarily through the use of their hands. A Seichem Master is someone who is trained and permitted to teach healing and pass Seichem attunements to others.

Seichem is an initiation into all 4 elements:

Both healer and client often experince the presence of angels when this energy is chanelled. Seichem is taught in a series of three classes. Seichem I, Seichem II, and the Seichem Mastership class.

The energy of passing a Seichem initiation feels different from reiki as the sacredness consumes the room and fills with energy. There is a power and a presence that is different from Reiki and there is a distinct "flow" with the energy of the initiation process. Seichm is usually felt as warm or hot energy and the temperature reaches such a degree at times that is surprising. During a Seichem class you will be taught Psychic Surgery and other healing techniques.

Seichem classes consist of the following:
The Seichem I initiation is the first phase into Sakara (fire), Sophi-el (water), Angeliclight (air), and Reiki (earth); in Seichem II, you are opened further into Sakara, Sophi-el, and Angeliclight; in Seichem Mastership class, you are opened completely into the fullness of the Seichem Energy. As a Seichem Master you will be taught how to do all of the Seichem and Reiki initiations and will be given all materials and information necessary to teach your own classes.

Eligibility :

Sincerity, Faith , Commitment & Self Discipline

Workshop duration :

Seichem taught in 3 levels

  • Level 1 duration is a one day course
  • Level 2 duration is a one day course
  • Level 3 duration is grandmastership - two days course which includes Tera-mai Reiki Mastership.
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