Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing magnified_healing

Magnified Healing: The Power of Opening Our Hearts

Many have described Magnified Healing energy as soft yet powerful,magnetic,very yin (or feminine) in its essence. Those who have experienced this beautiful energy feel uplifted, peaceful, connected to the Source / Creator and say it is gentle, loving, intense and works on a deep level. I would say it's like feeling you are being wrapped up in a cuddly duvet, you feel held, nurtured and nourished as your heart opens and you connect on a deeper level to your soul and inner wisdom.

Magnified Healing occurs through balancing the spiritual centers (the chakras) whilst directing the healing also the mental and emotional body, the physcial body as healing is directed to the endocrine system, lymphatic, metabolic, muscular systems, the central nervous system as well as the skeletal, respiratory and circulatory system.

Eligibility :

Sincerity, Faith , Commitment & Self Discipline

Workshop duration :

Magnified Healing Course Duration is 2 & 1/2 days
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